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Nonton Film ARIZONA DREAM (1992) Subtitle Indonesia

(High Quality)

ARIZONA DREAM (1992) Subtitle Indonesia

FILM DETAILS Added 1 year ago
Nonton Film ARIZONA DREAM (1992) Subtitle Indonesia

ARIZONA DREAM (1992) Subtitle Indonesia

Genre: action, Barat, Comedy, Drama

Stars: An Innuit hunter races his sled home with a fresh-caught halibut. This fish pervades the entire film, in real and imaginary form. Meanwhile, Axel tags fish in New York as a naturalist's gofer. He's happy there, but a messenger arrives to bring him to Arizona for his uncle's wedding. It's a ruse to get Axel into the family business. In Arizona, Axel meets two odd women: vivacious, needy, and plagued by neuroses and familial discord. He gets romantically involved with one, while the other, rich but depressed, plays accordion tunes to a gaggle of pet turtles.

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